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Inflatable Sports Tunnel is the newest and the most popular custom inflatables. People can be very interested in and with the other advantages. Inflatable sports tunnel is much cheaper than concrete buildings, with it can be moved around easily and conveniently. For special requirements usage, like repeatedly use and move around, the tunnel can be made into unsealed style as well which needs blowers working all the time and this style is even cheaper than airtight sports tunnel.

OEM/ODM is welcome.

Design, Quality Test and After-sales service:

We may customize the design, the size, the colors and the logo as you need.

● We test each product for 1-3 days to ensure the sports tunnel stitching seamed exactly well.

● We provide repair kit for free, which including material and for repairing in case.

● We will guide you to repair the tents and make compensation for them accordingly.

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